Biocentrism (theory of everything) from Greek: βίος, bios, “life”; and κέντρον, kentron, “center” — also known as the biocentric universe — is a theory proposed in 2007 by American scientist Robert Lanza, which sees biology as the central driving science in the universe, and an understanding of the other sciences as reliant on a deeper understanding of biology. Lanza believes that life and biology are central to being, reality, and the cosmos—consciousness creates the universe rather than the other way around. While physics is considered fundamental to the study of the universe, and chemistry fundamental to the study of life, Lanza claims that scientists will need to place biology before the other sciences to produce a "theory of everything". – From WIKIPEDIA   Read More


MSNBC: Free Online Abridgment of Biocentrism

Photo of Dr. Robert Lanza

Stem cell pioneer Robert Lanza has been on the frontier of cloning and stem cells for more than a decade, so he’s well-acclimated to controversy. But his book “Biocentrism” is generating controversy on a different plane. Does all this make a difference in daily life, or how you see the world? Take a look at the free sample of “Biocentrism.”


“One of the finest & best current books I have read on the subject of human “consciousness.” Lanza is a genius of first magnitude … When they write the list of this Century’s most important books, you can bet the farm this title will be near the top.”
‒ Robert Steven Thomas TOP 500 REVIEWER,



Robert Lanza on Rethinking Our Insanely Improbable Universe

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Rethinking Our Insanely Improbable Universe

Speaking with the authority of a distinguished scientific career, Robert Lanza presents the case for abandoning the "dumb universe" paradigm…


Robert Lanza on Theory of Biocentrism

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Robert Lanza on Theory of Biocentrism

Lanza’s talk on biocentrism at the Science and Nonduality Conference.


Robert Lanza What are Space and Time Graphic

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Robert Lanza What are Space and Time Text Graphic

Robert Lanza talks about the fundamental assumptions in science about space and time


Introducing the Biocentric Universe Graphic

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Introducing the Biocentric Universe Text Graphic

An intriguing theory may help answer some of the biggest questions in science.
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Biocentric Universe: It's All Relative Graphic

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Biocentric Universe: It's All Relative Text Graphic

Some physicists believe that all objects must be described only in terms of other things, an idea that goes back to Einstein. This is the key to understanding Lanza’s theory
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Robert Lanza Discusses His Biocentric View of the Universe Graphic

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Robert Lanza Discusses His Biocentric View of the Universe Text Graphic

Scientist and renegade thinker Robert Lanza discusses his ‘biocentric’ view of the universe with Art Bell


The Afterlife Dysfunction Graphic

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The Afterlife Dysfunction Text Graphic

AtheneWins’ new documentary on YouTube (Biocentrism starts midway).


Biocentrism: Our Consciousness Creates the Universe Graphic

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Biocentrism: Our Consciousness Creates the Universe Text Graphic

Robert Lanza claims the theory of biocentrism says death is an illusion.


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Bright light beaming down from sky

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Does Death Exist? Text Graphic

New theory says ‘no.’


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Death is Only the Beginning

If death doesn’t exist, then what happened to your dog?


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Why Does Life Exist? Text Graphic

Life sings because it has a song
—the meaning is in the lyrics.


Planet Earth with Moon

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Why Are You Here? Text Graphic

Biocentrism holds the missing piece


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Does The Past Exist Yet? Text Graphic

Experiments suggest your past isn’t set in stone.


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What Happens When You Die? Text Graphic

Evidence suggests time simply reboots.


A Conversation with Dr. Robert Lanza

Photo of Dr. Robert Lanza at Hazy Moon

“Sitting on Top of Infinity” Listen to an excerpt from Dr. Robert Lanza’s recent talk at the Hazy Moon Zen Center.

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Paradigm Shifter: An Interview with Robert Lanza

Paradigm Shifter interview with Dr. Robert Lanza

An interview with the author of Biocentrism, a book that Nyogen Roshi (the last authorized disciple of Taizan Maezumi Roshi, the foremost Zen master of the twentieth century) describes as mirroring his experiences in the practice of zazen as closely as anything he has encountered in a modern writer.

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Radio Interviews

Robert Lanza Interview By Deepak Chopra

Photo of Dr. Lanza Doing Radio Interview with Deepak Chopra

“My special guest is Dr. Robert Lanza and his extraordinary mind, I just finished reading his book Biocentrism and I said to myself, ‘Finally, aha, somebody that I can totally relate to.’”

“Deepak Chopra”

“TIME Magazine: Top 100 Icons of the Century”

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Lanza Interviewed By Michio Kaku

Photo of Dr. Lanza Doing Radio Interview with Michio Kaku

“To give us a glimpse about some of the big breakthroughs that were made in biotechnology, we have Dr. Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology. He is one of the leading scientists making breakthroughs in this fast moving field.”

“Dr. Michio Kaku”

“Professor of Theoretical Physics and Co-Founder of String Theory”

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Lanza Interviewed By Art Bell

Photo of Dr. Lanza Doing Radio Interview with Art Bell

Listen Live on YouTube Graphic

“Art Bell welcomed renegade thinker and scientist, Robert Lanza, who discussed how life and consciousness are essential to the existence of our universe.”


Lanza Interviewed By George Knapp

Photo of Dr. Lanza Doing Radio Interview with George Knapp

Listen Live on YouTube Graphic

“Dr. Robert Lanza joined George Knapp to talk about how death is not the final end most of us imagine.”



‘Biocentrism’: How Life Creates the Universe

Photo of Person Looking into Sky

“The Universe in Your Head”

“Stem cell pioneer Robert Lanza generates controversy on a whole different plane with ‘Biocentrism,’ a book that lays out his theory of everything.”

Alan Boyle, MSNBC’s Science Editor


Book Spotlight: Biocentrism

Photo of Dr. Robert Lanza

“One of the most interesting books to cross my desk this summer was Biocentrism, written by Dr. Robert Lanza, who is probably best known for his groundbreaking work with stem cells. The book is an out-and-out challenge to modern physics. I found the attack on physics to be pretty compelling”

Eric Berger, Science Editor at the HOUSTON CHRONICLE



What are Space and Time?

Photo of Dr. Robert Lanza

Listen Live on YouTube Graphic

Excerpt from the interview with Robert Lanza featured in “Science and Nonduality”


Robert Lanza on Theory of Biocentrism

Photo of Dr. Robert Lanza

Listen Live on YouTube Graphic

Robert Lanza’s talk on biocentrism at the “Science and Nonduality” Conference


Stem Cell Weblog: Biocentrism Will Alter, and Perhaps Help You Define, Your Universe

Photo of Dr. Robert Lanza

“The whole of Western natural philosophy is undergoing a sea change again, forced upon us by the experimental findings of quantum theory.” — Robert Lanza


Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End

Photo of Lights

Life is an adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking.

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Where Is the Universe? The Answer Could Change Your Life

Photo representation of the Brain

Why understanding nature liberates our minds from useless things.

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Why Do You Exist?

Photo of Lights

Don’t look to the sky and gods for answers. It lies deeper.

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The Secret of the World: Experiments Suggest We’re the Key to the Universe

Photo green electrical waves

The secret of the world – new theory explains puzzles of science

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Has History Occurred Yet?

Image of hand holding clock

Evidence suggests the past isn’t set in stone

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The True Nature of Death and Eternity

Photo of light

The mind is paramount and limitless. It doesn’t die with the body.

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How Nature Deals With Good and Evil

Image of the Balance of Justice

Justice transcends our ordinary, classical way of thinking

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Does Time Really Exist?

Photo of Lights

Experiments suggest we create time

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An Amazing Summer With B. F. “Fred” Skinner

Photo of B.F. Skinner

What B. F. Skinner didn’t teach me about life and existence.

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The Most Astounding Thing in the Universe

Photo of a finger in light

Everything we perceive (color, sound & energy itself) is a process involving us

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When You Die, Do You Wake Up in the Morning?

Photo of sun setting below clouds

The world, it turns out, isn’t the hard, cold place we imagine waking up to in the morning. We scientists are only beginning to pierce the surface of reality.

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In the Beginning There Was…What?

Photo of lightning splitting a tree

What came first, you or the universe? The answer is not only unsettling, but suggestive of something both mysterious and inescapable: that you’re the template for the universe and the laws of nature themselves.

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You Really Are the Center of the Universe

Photo of Ballerina

We go to and fro our little affairs on an insignificant little planet orbiting an insignificant little sun. Scientists tell us that the universe doesn’t care if we—the little creatures who inhabit this earth—are alive or dead. But there’s a problem with this view—a big problem.

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A Trip Through Time and Beyond

Image of Space

A trip through space and time … and beyond

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A Commentary on the Nature of Life

Image of a Clock


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The Myth of Death

Image of Light

Does the mind die with the body?

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