The Grand Biocentric Design / How Life Creates Reality

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What if life isn’t just a part of the universe … what if it determines the very structure of the universe itself.

The theory that blew your mind in Biocentrism and Beyond Biocentrism is back, with brand-new research revealing the startling truth about our existence.

What is consciousness? Why are we here? Where did it all come from—the laws of nature, the stars, the universe? Humans have been asking these questions forever, but science hasn’t succeeded in providing many answers—until now. In The Grand Biocentric Design, Robert Lanza, one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People,” is joined by theoretical physicist Matej Pavšič and astronomer Bob Berman to shed light on the big picture that has long eluded philosophers and scientists alike.

This engaging, mind-stretching exposition of how the history of physics has led us to Biocentrism—the idea that life creates reality—takes readers on a step-by-step adventure into the great science breakthroughs of the past centuries, from Newton to the weirdness of quantum theory, culminating in recent revelations that will challenge everything you think you know about our role in the universe.

This book offers the most complete explanation of the science behind Biocentrism to date, delving into the origins of the memorable principles introduced in previous books in this series, as well as introducing new principles that complete the theory. The authors dive deep into topics including consciousness, time, and the evidence that our observations—or even knowledge in our minds—can affect how physical objects behave.

The Grand Biocentric Design is a one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking explanation of how the universe works, and an exploration of the science behind the astounding fact that time, space, and reality itself, all ultimately depend upon us.

Praise for The Grand Biocentric Design

“quite thrilling … its notions are exciting ones, and they do a sound job of linking them to observable, replicable experiments. Fans of revolutionary science—or just big, cerebral questions—will enjoy this ambitious work. A thought-provoking dispatch from the frontier of physics.” —Kirkus Reviews

“For those addicted to exploring our role as observers in defining our universe, here is your long-awaited major update. It is as rare as a unicorn to see a major stem cell biologist collaborating with a theoretical physicist to produce a coherent, fresh-new, readable and clearly illustrated book. You’ll love The Grand Biocentric Design―it adds new turf to the physics of making universes, and includes “solid evidence”, at last, that observers define the structure of physical reality itself.” —George Church, Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard and MIT, and a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering (on Thomson Reuters short-list for the Nobel Prize).

The Grand Biocentric Design brilliantly draws our attention to the most important feature of the entire universe: our human minds. Robert Lanza deeply appreciates, and eloquently analyzes, the penetration that our human minds have achieved of the underlying mathematical machinery of that universe, exposing its deeply and purely mental character. In fact, it is the physicists’ microscopic examination of that external world that most vividly reveals the “the grand biocentric design” of the universe. This new book brings out the real nature of our universe: for all of us to deeply search for fuller understanding, and for meaning.” ―Richard Conn Henry, Academy Professor of Physics and Astronomy at The Johns Hopkins University, and former Deputy Director of NASA’s Astrophysics Division.

“In 1887, the Michelson and Morley experiment unexpectedly showed that the celestial aether did not exist. This upended classical physics, led to Einstein’s theory of relativity and the atomic bomb. Since then, quantum physics has revealed the decisive role that the observer’s consciousness plays in shaping the world we experience. These experiments have also upended our assumption that time and space have objective reality. As before, a new theory waits to be born. Biocentrism is such a theory…For those searching for answers to contemporary physics’ disturbing findings, The Grand Biocentric Design is must reading.” —Ronald M. Green, Eunice and Julian Cohen Professor Emeritus for the Study of Ethics and Human Values at Dartmouth College, and Professor Emeritus and former Chairman of the Department of Religion.

“Even as a child, Robert Lanza believed that living things were the subjects most worthy of scientific study. Now, in The Grand Biocentric Design, his third and best book on the topic, Lanza and colleagues unpack, with unprecedented rigor, his theory of biocentrism through the hard lens of physics. It takes the oddities of quantum physics to a new level, defining reality itself and giving ballast to the seductive idea that time travel is possible, death an illusion, and life, a perpetual flower in bloom. If you consider biocentrism mere philosophy, look to this volume to make the case that science is at its core.” —Pamela Weintraub, Senior Editor at Aeon, former Executive Editor of Discover magazine and Editor-in-Chief of OMNI magazine.

“In his two previous books on biocentrism (written with Bob Berman), biologist Robert Lanza proposed a bold new theory of the universe, one that builds on the insights of quantum physics to put consciousness at its center. Here, with theoretical physicist Matej Pavšič, Lanza strives, in language suited to the general reader, to explain the science behind this theory. Its stark differentness from the materialist view of the universe makes the mind rebel, but thinkers as various as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Stephen Hawking have had intimations of what these writers describe.” —Robert Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, The American Scholar, the venerable magazine of Phi Beta Kappa, which has published the work of Albert Einstein, John Updike, Saul Bellow, Bertrand Russell, Margaret Mead, and Robert Frost, among others.

“Once again, Lanza and colleagues continue to guide readers who have a quest to understand our universe. This must-read book is a masterpiece, discussing newly emergent research that answers questions, through the lens of biocentrism, on how the world works and who we are. If you’ve ever stood on the beach at night looking up at the vast sky with thoughts of how and why, then the breakthroughs presented about reality and consciousness, and the experience of time and how we perceive it, will provide thought provoking and life changing insights on your existence and everything that surrounds you.” —Anthony Atala, W. Boyce Professor and Chairman, and Director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University, and member of the National Academy of Medicine, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

“Robert Lanza is one of the most creative and brilliant scientists I have ever known. Ever since he became convinced that living things are the subjects worthy of scientific study when he was very young, he has dedicated his career to biology and life. The Grand Biocentric Design is his latest creative work based on his life-long scientific journey, which opens up a new biology-based vista to our understanding of existence and consciousness.” —Kwang-Soo Kim, Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, and Director of the Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory, McLean Hospital.

“The revolution in quantum mechanics introduced perplexing counter-intuitive ideas that were outside the realm of human experience, including wave-particle duality, quantization of molecular structure, Schrodinger’s cat, and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, to name a few. Important paradoxes remain unexplained including quantum coupling between particles separated by great distances (i.e. action at a distance idea). Into this conundrum comes The Grand Biocentric Design by Robert Lanza, with theoretical physicist Matej Pavšič, with a unique and paradigm-shattering concept that biological systems are primary and affect our perception of physical systems. Lanza is an accomplished stem cell biologist and original thinker who expands his ideas on the interplay between biology and physics in this fabulous book that is approachable by an educated lay audience. This insightful work is certain to energize our conversations about the nature of the biological and physical world.” ―Lucian V. Del Priore, MD, PhD (Physics), Robert R. Young Professor, Yale University

“It’s fabulous—I couldn’t put it down! A masterly tour de force that will change your life. Robert Lanza and his co-authors take on the Herculean task of reconciling quantum theory, relativity and consciousness. You will never look at science—indeed, life and death—the same way again.” —Ralph Levinson, Professor Emeritus of Health Sciences, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.

“Well written and cleverly presented… This is a book that will challenge you to rethink previously held ideas about how you viewed your place in the universe.”
Portland Book Review.

Other praise for Biocentrism

“Like A Brief History of Time, it is indeed stimulating and brings biology into the whole. Any short statement does not do justice…Most importantly, it makes you think.” —E. Donnall Thomas, 1990 Nobel Prize

“an audacious program to restore meaning to science” —Corey S. Powell, former editor-in-chief, Discover magazine

“Will forever alter your understanding of your own existence” —Deepak Chopra

“a bloody good book” —Russell Brand

“Robert Lanza’s work is a wake-up call to all of us” —David Thompson, astrophysicist, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

“changed the way I viewed [things]—in a really big way.” —Scott Tyson, physicist and author of “The Unobservable Universe”

"Will push you into rethinking your view of science." —David J. Eicher, editor-in-chief, Astronomy magazine

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